I would tell them you are a great trainer, fantastic motivator and you push me like no other! You push the right amount to get me out of my comfort zone or doing the exercises I like but add in some challenges, and that is what gets me pumped to come to my sessions. You have made working out fun and challenging every session!
— Jen Pady
I started training with Aaron near the beginning of 2018, When I first started I really couldn’t do a lot by myself and I was always incredibly anxious about going to the gym because I was always embarrassed by how weak I was. This wasn’t a problem for Aaron, although I couldn’t do a lot he had exercises I could do to build my strength and worked with me on stuff I wanted to improve. He really understands that everyone is different and we all have our own strengths and weaknesses, so he tailor-made some workouts just for me and gave me some homework on little things I could do to help improve my time at the gym, like working on my posture and diet to help achieve my goals.

It’s been about 9 months since my first session and I gotta say the results have been great, I’ve had times where I’ve seen my reflection and didn’t even realize it was me. I went from not even being able to do a proper squat to being close to squatting my own body weight, I was barely being able to bench press the bar when I started and I can bench over 100 pounds now, and training with Aaron has given me a huge confidence boost he knows his stuff and challenges me but somehow actually manages to make it easier for me. I always have a blast when I see him he and always has a bunch of workouts to keep it from getting boring. My quality of life has drastically improved since I started training with Aaron, he’s showed me a little effort and determination can go a long way and well I don’t owe it all to him I still couldn’t have done it without his help. For anyone looking for a personal trainer I would recommend Aaron in a heart beat, he has constantly surpassed my expectations and I can’t thank him enough for it.
— Justin De Koning
Aaron provides a great workout, which he was able to adapt to my fitness level to be challenging but not overwhelming. Would recommend.
— Chantel
Aaron is an amazing trainer, an amazing person and I love working with him. He challenges you because he sees more in you than you see in yourself. There have been so many times where I don’t think I can do something (ie. Box jumps, pull-ups, adding weight) and Aaron tells me “let’s just try” and I’m shocked and ecstatic every time because I prove myself wrong! It is so rewarding working with someone who can see your strength development and believes in your abilities. Aaron and I have only been working out for a few months a few times a week and I feel so much stronger and just much better in general. Part of your training package comes with his own personal app! Where you are able to track your nutrition intake, your progress photos, measurements, home workouts that Aaron puts together for you, your workout schedule and everything! So easy to use and so functional for keeping you accountable and tracking your progress. Working with Aaron is so much more than just going to the gym and lifting weights! He really is the whole package of holistic health and he is dedicated to each and every one of his clients. I would work out with him 7 days a week if my job didn’t get in the way.
— Ashlie